Workforce Competencies

To support Canada’s substance use workforce, CCSA has put together a collection of resources and tools to support the understanding and use of our Technical and Behavioural Competencies for Canada’s Substance Use Workforce.

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Introduction to Workforce Competencies

Competencies are the measurable knowledge, skills and values a worker needs to perform effectively in a defined function or role. Understanding competencies helps people to identify what is needed to do their job well and to continuously improve their practice. We have identified competencies for the substance use workforce across four levels of proficiency.

Using competencies for the substance use workforce is an evidence-informed way to ensure workers provide consistent care across the wide range of backgrounds and settings in the substance use field, including among allied professionals who support this work.

Supporting workers in the substance use field to provide constant care

In addition, our competencies for the substance use workforce support employers and service providers to embed competencies specific to the field into programs, practices, training and curriculum development.  Across the site, you will find definitions of the Technical and Behavioural Competencies and resources and tools to help you develop a competency-based approach to Hiring and Performance Management.